Suburban Jungle

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Suburban Jungle is the only of its kind, real estate lifestyle advisory and tech platform dedicated exclusively to helping young families leave URBAN for SUBURBAN with offices in Philadelphia, NYC, DC, Miami,SF, LA, Boston, Chicago and Dallas.

“This behemoth life choice warrants a great deal of personal attention. Should you end up in the wrong place, it could be a very costly mistake; both financially and emotionally.” says Alison Bernstein, Suburban Jungle Founder and President.

How it works: Suburban Jungle house hunters are each assigned local strategist with whom they can create a personalized search approach based on their family’s distinctive personality, needs, and interests. Using technology and proprietary methodology, the company is able to customize a list of towns and develop a personalized home search strategy that will fulfill the individual wishes of the client. Free of charge, the advice and insight provided is completely objective.


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