Content Marketing

We’ve heard Content is King, but what makes your content more than just a convenient cliché? At Location3, we combine extensive research, in-depth analysis and a creative intensity to produce a full-scale content strategy that will deliver positive increases in ranking authority for your branded content.

Our process starts with a deep dive into your brand narrative. We want to know where your story begins, where it sits and where it’s going. Through research and collaboration, our team of strategists can start discovering content gap opportunities, identifying target audiences and absorbing your brand’s voice. This discovery phase results in a documented content gap analysis that pinpoints opportunities to further advance your brand’s story.

We understand your business is best served by ensuring SEO best practices are considered at every step of the process, including website indexation growth, user experience, keyword targeting and influencer outreach. While content in itself is important to achieving business goals such as increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty, its potential is fully realized when it complements your SEO efforts.

Our comprehensive approach enables us to produce accurate consumer personas that paint a vivid picture of your audience’s mindset, motivation and behavior. Our team uses these personas to create content pillars that ultimately guide and inspire key content brainstorming sessions. This is where Location3 team members from every facet of the company structure – from SEO and Analytics to Account Management and Marketing – team up to gather a creative and informed set of ideas for content production. With the guidance and feedback from your brand professionals, these ideas are built into a fully formed content calendar. The content calendar serves as a flexible structure to coordinate on-site, social media and third-party posting strategies.

Our content experts are ready to pivot as quickly as your business priorities evolve, inspiring fresh ideas and producing relevant and engaging content for consumers at every step of the purchase funnel. A blog is nice, but it won’t be King without a content strategy founded in analytics and executed by a team of passionate writers and designers who want the world to hear your brand’s story.