November 2019 Tech Roundup

Starting this month, we will start to highlight new and exciting products and companies in the categories of tech, health & fitness, home, and more. Please enjoy our roundup of innovative companies and quality tech products for this month below.

You might also be interested in taking a peek at some tech reviews we have this month. You can find these in-depth reviews here:

NEXAR: Beam Dash Cam

Nexar Beam Full HD 1080p Dash Cam | New 2020 Model | 32 GB SD Card Included | WiFi | Unlimited Cloud Storage
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Nexar Beam Full HD 1080p Dash Cam | New 2020 Model | 32 GB SD Card Included | WiFi | Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • 【THE PERFECT DASH CAM FOR EVERYDAY DRIVERS】Nexar Beam is the smallest Nexar car camera, designed to be cleverly hidden behind the rearview mirror. It records crisp and 135° wide video in Full HD 1080p quality, day or night. The dash cam is equipped with advanced G-sensors and is provided with a free 32GB SD card for loop recording.
  • 【INSTANT EVIDENCE ON THE NEXAR APP】Nexar Beam dashboard camera works only when paired to the Nexar app. The dash cam seamlessly streams live footage to your phone every time you drive, so when needed, video evidence is just a tap away. The Nexar app works in the background, so you can use other apps (like navigation) while driving. Nexar is compatible with iPhone 7 and above, Galaxy S/Note 8 and above and Google Pixels.
  • 【SMART DETECTIONS AND FREE CLOUD BACKUP】The camera detects critical situations on the road (like crashes or sudden brakes) and saves them as short clips on the Nexar app. These clips are also automatically backed up to your unlimited Nexar cloud account, provided for free with every Nexar car camera.
  • 【EXTENSIVE POST-COLLISION REPORTS】In a tap of button Nexar can create detailed post-collision reports that save you time, money and unnecessary stress when dealing with insurance claims. Nexar’s report summarizes key information from the crash, including dash cam footage, driving speed, g-force impact and location. It has been proven useful for countless times and is widely accepted by insurance companies.
  • 【SET IT AND FORGET IT】Installing this dash cam takes exactly 5 minutes. All needed tools are provided in the package and no expert skills are needed.

Nexar created the world’s smartest dash cam system that does much more than just record the road. Nexar’s goal is to reduce the chance of collisions to make our roads safer for everyone. The Nexar Beam is one of the best dash cams in the market and will be available just in time for holiday buying season.


Hive is a productivity and project management tool used by teams at Uber, Starbucks and Google. The tool helps teams organize, communicate, and execute projects with ease.


HomeZada is a digital home management platform that combines multiple apps, content and data to empower homeowners to manage, maintain, protect and improve their home. Homeowners can create a home inventory for insurance purposes, get alerts and manage recurring preventative maintenance tasks, manage budgets and costs for home remodel projects, and gets instant updates on their estimated home value, mortgage balance, home equity and total cost of homeownership.


If planning, prepping, and cooking every single day is constantly stressing you out and you’re big on reducing your carbon footprint—you can do both with the Ends+Stems earth-friendly meal planning service. Created by professional chef and entrepreneur Alison Mountford, End+Stems offers healthy recipes that are extremely easy to follow and a weekly grocery list. The last recipe you’ll receive for the week provides instructions for making the most of your grocery list, ensuring that nothing will go to waste. You can choose between a vegetarian or omnivore meal plan or both, and won’t have to worry about food allergies because the meals plans are marked for potential allergens, plus tips on what you can use instead.


KickBike America is renowned for spearheading the scooter revolution with its seasoned and highly experienced team of designers, athletes, and adventurers. With a line of premium quality Kickbikes, they offer everything from a BMX scooter and fitness scooters to family scooters and even dog scooters. Their Kickbikes have even been hailed as the “Porsche of the Scooter World” and rightly so. Everyone from families who love riding together, and Olympic and NFL athletes who ride Kickbikes for injury recovery and cross-training, to Iditarod champs who train their sled dogs use a Kickbike for their very specific needs.

Blix Electric Bikes

Now the fastest-growing maker of electric bikes in the U.S., Blix eBikes have been revolutionizing the ebike industry since 2014 with their very comfortable, highly functional, earth-friendly, and sleek bikes. Whether for leisure rides, adventures, or daily transport, there’s an ebike fit for you. They have stores across North America, but you can also buy Blix ebikes online and have it delivered to you for free. They likewise provide unparalleled customer service in-store and on various online channels and offer a comprehensive warranty on all their ebikes.

Juiced Systems

Superior quality, functional, innovative, and user-friendly—these are what best describes the products of Juiced Systems. Juiced Systems is a leading manufacturer of computer accessories. They primarily offer potent and easy-to-use USB 3.0 and USB-C docking stations and hubs, and various adapters for Apple products and Microsoft Surface. For example, their bestseller, the BizHUB USB Multiport adapter, is currently one of the top-selling USB-C travel adapters in the market. They also offer excellent customer service through email and an online help desk.


Traveling solo is great and all, but there are times when you just want to go on an adventure with someone equally passionate about traveling as you are. Introducing Adventurely—the first digital hotspot where you can connect with travelers on the same wavelength as you. With Adventurely, you can choose from a thoughtfully curated list of adventures and places and find a travel buddy. You can choose to sign up for free and receive a free match in one destination and access to a list of travel communities or go Premium and pay only $10 for access to the same list and matches in all of Adventurely’s travel communities.


Every parent dreams that their child will love to explore and learn all sorts of things. But do you give your child opportunities to love learning? With the Woppy art games and STEM boxes for kids–you can certainly do so. The Woppy STEM and art game boxes will inspire your child to love art and STEM with help from 5 gender-neutral and friendly characters named Sirius, Rigel, Agena, Spica, and Alphecca. Simply sign up to the Woppy website, pre-order your art or STEM box, and wait for it to be delivered to your door. Choose game boxes under the categories of Art, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Green Economy, and even Blockchain.


Why stash your iPhone in your bag or pocket when you can wear it like an accessory? How? With the Keebos iPhone necklaces, that’s how. This sturdy, versatile, and practical iPhone case and necklace in one also features a nifty cardholder pouch for safely storing your cash and cards. You can wear it as a necklace or similar to how you’d carry a crossbody bag. You’re also doing Mother Nature a solid with every purchase of a Keebos iPhone necklace because one purchase equals a planted tree through the One Tree Planted nonprofit organization.


Each year, nearly 1,000 people are accidentally shot by hunters, often because they were hidden from view by the animal, foliage or other obstacles to a clear line of sight. Developed by Israeli veterans, the SafeShoot is a new system that lets the hunter know if someone wearing another device is in the line of fire, even if that person can’t be seen. The devices can even be worn by dogs!


A first of its kind in the world, Healium is an anti-stress and biometric relaxation augmented and virtual reality platform that’s powered by wearables. While we typically practice meditation for stress relief with our eyes closed, with Healium AR, you meditate and become more in-tune with yourself with your eyes wide open. Via what’s called neuromeditation, you’d be able to see your heart rate and brainwaves, which would enable you to craft real-time modifications to your virtual environment through your own thoughts and feelings. Perfect for people who simply can’t find stress relief through traditional meditation techniques. With Healium, turns out your thoughts can actually become things.

My Audio Pet

My Audio Pet is one of the top bluetooth speaker brands, believing that music has the power to inspire, create joy, and stir creativity! These bluetooth speakers are designed to resemble adorable animals while delivering some serious sound and can be paired for a true L/R stereo experience. Speakers available online starting at $24.99.


Whether you’re looking to safeguard your Apple or Android device, you can count on BodyGuardz to have the most suitable case or screen protector for your exact requirements. They’re the only company that offers screen protectors and cases reinforced with Unequal® technology, which delivers maximum impact-reduction properties. BodyGuardz products are likewise infused with Accelleron and Kevlar to keep them light and thin while providing heavy-duty protection to your device. What’s more, they also offer a lifetime guarantee on their cases, a special Advantage Program that comes with even more benefits, and excellent customer service.

The Airhook

Winner of Steve Harvey’s Funderdrome and the Travel Goods Association 2019 Innovation Award for Best New Design for a Travel Accessory, the Airhook is the perfect travel companion, especially if you travel with your children or love to watch videos on your tablet or smartphone. This sleek, compact, and thoughtfully designed hands-free device holder provides a stable platform for your devices and drink and also helps minimize neck strain. You’re also helping beat cancer with every Airhook purchase, as a portion of your purchase goes to Cancer Research.