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EmAhls is an organic home decor company based in East Germany. They offer decor items like cushions or art prints and gifts like bookmarks or personalized name signs. Timeless design is combined with colorful watercolor artwork so you can beautify your home with it. The products work great with a nordic inspired decor.

The company uses only earth-friendly materials like organic linen, bamboo paper and recycled paper. The prints are made with organic inks. All of the materials are carefully chosen and the products are produced in a sustainable, in the best case organic way. 90% of the products are made in Germany to keep the transportation route short and support the local economy.

EmAhls works together with the non-profit organization Sieben-Katzenleben e.V.. They rescue cats from killing stations in Spain and give them a new home. 3% of the selling price of each product are donated to the organization.

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