Best Wine Opener

What we like most about wine is that it does not need any excuse or any specific time of the year. It could be someone’s birthday, someone’s anniversary, someone’s promotion or graduation, or just Friday —it does not matter. A good bottle of wine will always contribute to the moment a nice atmosphere of civility and refinement, and it will always help to make any moment relaxing and special provided that you can uncork the bottle, of course! As we already know, one of the funniest things a wine-lover can attest is watching a fellow drinker trying… to… take… out… a… bloody… cork… that… just… doesn’t… want… to… come… out!

Why does that happen? There are plenty of reasons. Opening wine may become complicated if the bottle is old, if it was not stored correctly or even if the ventilation or humidity of the storage room were not the appropriate. We cannot control that too much. What we can control is the tool we use to uncork it, whether it is a corkscrew or a wine opener. With the correct one, we will never need to struggle against the cork.

Our Top Picks for Best Wine Openers

Best Overall Wine Opener: Stainless Steel Wing Wine Opener

Reasons to Buy

  • Classic design
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • 100% strong and durable stainless steel. You may even include it in your will and inherit it to your grandchildren!

Let’s start with one of the most classic ones: the double-wing wine opener. It has accompanied us for millennia (ok, ok… for decades), and it has successfully helped mankind open millions of bottles of wine in the past, making it a real-life and battle-tested product. The version you see on this page incorporates just two novelties to make it different and better: It changed the old-fashioned iron alloy for a strong and resistant stainless steel, making the product truly made to last. It also made its handles more ergonomic, preventing those embarrassing moments in which the bottle almost broke because one of the handles slipped from your hand. In my opinion, if you want a simple wine opener, this is the one you should get.

Best Budget Pick: Belwares’ Cork Puller

Belwares Ah So Wine Opener - Durable Stainless Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Sleek Case - Red & White Wine, Beer, Champagne, Wine Enthusiasts - Great Gift Idea
226 Reviews
Belwares Ah So Wine Opener - Durable Stainless Steel Two-Prong Cork Puller with Sleek Case - Red & White Wine, Beer, Champagne, Wine Enthusiasts - Great Gift Idea
  • STAINLESS STEEL BEAUTY: Forget about plastic bottle openers that would fall apart after a while. Forget about electric cork pullers and batteries running low! Invest in a Belwares stainless steel wine bottle cork remover and find your peace of mindagain. The ergonomic handle along with the premium stainless steel craftsmanship ensure that this wine opener is made to last
  • OPENS ALMOST ANY BOTTLE: This clever 2 in 1 wine cork puller bottle puller is ready to satisfy even your most demanding needs! Use the 2 prongs to open any corked bottle of wine or champagne! Use the opener for beer bottles, sodas, beverages, sports drinks, cocktails, water, juice, milk, and any other bottle. This vintage bottle opener will never let you down!
  • SWEAT FREE CORK PULLING: No more struggling to pull the cork out of any bottle of wine! No more frustration! With this meticulously crafted 2 prong cork puller, bottle opening is finally easy again. Just insert the 2 prongs into the bottle on the outside of the cork and then push them down as far as they go. Twist the cork puller back and forth to make the cork pop
  • THE FINEST GIFT IDEA: Search no more for the coolest, most thoughtful and useful gift to any wine enthusiast friend! Get yourself a Belwares wine opener and surprise your beloved ones! It comes in a beautiful gift case ready to go! Ideal for all wine lovers, family members, work colleagues, traveling, holidays, and any special occasion that is celebrated with wine
  • FEEL SATISFIED OR YOUR MONEY BACK - At Belwares, your satisfaction is what drive us to provide the highest quality products on the market. Our stainless steel cork remover are tailor-made with wine lovers in mind that exceed current standards that go beyond expectations, if for any reason our product doesn’t live up your expectations, contact us for a replacement or a full refund

Reasons to Buy

  • It is small and easy to store
  • It does not break the cork, making it great for collectors
  • You do not need to fight with the cork, just rotate to open
  • It is made of strong metal and made to last

I like this product because it is a two-in-one. When it is complete, it works as a bottle opener, and when you separate its handle it becomes one of the few products in the market that can uncork a bottle of wine without making any damage to its cork. How do you use it? Simple: Instead of rotating a screw into the cork to pull it later, you insert the longer blade between the cork and the bottle, and continue inserting the shorter blade on the other side until the end. Once the cork is locked by the blades, you rotate (not pull) the handles until you free the cork from the bottle. This wine opener is perfect for people who collect corks or who know they will open old wines often.

Best Electric Opener: Oster Wine Opener

Reasons to Buy

  • It was manufactured by Oster, a well-known brand
  • It is electric and rechargeable
  • Open up to thirty bottles in a row and in seconds with it
  • Classy design and fair price

This electric wine opener is by Oster, a renown brand in home appliances. I do not need to get deeper about its reputation. The Oster wine opener you see here is automatic. It will open your bottle in seconds, and all you need to do is to place it right above the cork and press a button. It is completely cordless, and its battery allows you to uncork up to thirty bottles of wine in a row. That’s enough to toast in a wedding party! I recommend this product to any household. It is not only an excellent choice. It has class too. Did I mention it includes a foil cutter too?

Notable Mentions

Self-pulling Wine Bottle Opener

Le Creuset Table Model Wine Opener
658 Reviews
Le Creuset Table Model Wine Opener
  • Self-pulling corkscrew for effortless bottle opening
  • Pushes extracted cork back off screw without damaging the cork
  • Works on any size wine bottle and any type cork (including synthetic)
  • Ergonomic-handle and soft-touch panels for comfort
  • 5-year warranty

Reasons to Buy

  • It does not require any physical effort
  • The cork literally comes out “by itself” and without damage
  • It is an unusual piece, so it will probably sparkle a nice conversation about it
  • It is small and easy to put away
  • Its price is really low

The self-pulling wine opener is not new. It was invented about forty years ago, yet it never became too popular. So, if you are looking for a practical corkscrew that just works, and that in addition has a design not many people has seen before, this is the one you should choose. The self-pulling corkscrew offers two advantages that any wine lover, especially women, will appreciate: First, it does not require any physical effort. All you need to do is to continue rotating the handle and see how the cork comes out by itself. Magic!

The second one is that is absolutely clean because the screw never touches the wine. If you collect corks for your decoration, then you will definitely like this one because it rarely damages the cork. In my opinion, this wine bottle opener is a must for ladies, for those who like to have something different at home and for those among you who collect corks for decoration purposes.

Brookstone’s Compact Wine Opener

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
892 Reviews
Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
  • Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
  • Open any wine bottle in just 3 seconds
  • Lever-pull design makes opening effortless
  • Extra-long handle provides greater leverage
  • Works with natural and synthetic corks

Reasons to Buy

  • Unlike similar products, this one is made of metal, not of plastic
  • Once you get used to it, you can open a bottle in three seconds
  • Durable and effective
  • Its lever does the effort for you

The lever wine opener may look too big for a bottle, but once you get used to it, you will understand its convenience. Long story short, it makes the opening a bottle of wine a two-easy-step process: First, you move the lever to insert the screw into the cork; and then you pull the lever out again to open the bottle. That is all the recipe to open a bottle with a lever corkscrew.

Now that you know it, let me tell you why I suggest you to purchase Brookstone’s lever wine opener and not some other brand: because it is completely made of metal. It makes the whole process of opening the bottle easier, faster and the whole piece way more durable. In my opinion, this lever opener is perfect for bar and restaurant owners who serve wine often. It is suitable for households too.

The Rabbit Corkscrew

Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral (Candy Apple Red)
1,112 Reviews
Rabbit Original Vertical Lever Corkscrew Wine Opener with Foil Cutter and Extra Spiral (Candy Apple Red)
  • This original vertical lever corkscrew easily uncorks any size wine bottle in 3 seconds flat, then immediately releases the cork after opening
  • Independently tested for 20,000 cork pulls to ensure quick and hassle-free wine opening every time
  • Constructed with stylish polished stainless steel for long-term durability and use
  • Features an innovative standing design and ergonomic handle for added comfort and control
  • Includes a foil cutter, extra spiral and a 10 year warranty

Reasons to Buy

  • Made of stainless steel, so made to last
  • You can open a bottle of wine in three seconds
  • You get 10-year guarantee when you buy it
  • Leave it on the table! It was designed to be stored standing

The rabbit corkscrew is a great option because it just works. You place it on the bottle, secure it with your hands, and once you move the lever in and out, the cork comes out and you are done. That is why it has become popular in the country. Although there are many different versions of the rabbit wine opener in the market, this one stands out because it is made from stainless steel, because it comes with two useful extras (a foil cutter and an extra spiral) for the same price, and because you can get it with an unbelievably long ten-year guarantee. Would manufacturers offer you that if they did not trust their product? No, they would not.

This product is perfect for ladies, as it does not require any physical effort to open the bottle. It is also a great alternative for bars that need to open bottles often. Of course, it would be a nice addition to any household as well.

Air Pressure Wine Opener

Air Pressure Pump Opener, Mincham Wine Cork Remover Pump, Aluminum Alloy Body, Foil Cutter, Simple Wine Bottle Opener, Wine Lover Gift
244 Reviews
Air Pressure Pump Opener, Mincham Wine Cork Remover Pump, Aluminum Alloy Body, Foil Cutter, Simple Wine Bottle Opener, Wine Lover Gift
  • 【EASY AND SIMPLE TO OPEN WINE BOTTLES】 Just slide the needle in the cork, pump 3 to 7 times and then the cork is out.
  • 【ALUMINUM ALLOY BODY】 The handle is made of aluminum alloy, so it's very strong in quality. Strength ABS cover, Teflon needle surface treated with food grade, strong, resistant to corrosion.
  • 【NO DAMAGE TO CORK】 Without hassle of pulling, twisting or broken cork pieces. No stopper debris. You can keep the cork or use it to seal the wine bottle.
  • 【SMALL SIZE AND LIGHT WEIGHT】2.4 OZ in weight, and 7.5 inches in length. You can easily store it or pack it in your travel bag.
  • 【FANTASTIC GIFT FOR WINE LOVERS】 This Air Pressure Pump Opener is so easy and simple to use for opening wine bottles. So great for bar, cafe, restaurant, party, picnic, or home use in kitchen.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely easy to open a bottle of wine with it
  • Made of a combination of plastic and food-grade metal for maximum security and hygiene
  • Fun to use it
  • Very affordable

If it is a corkscrew but it does not include any spiral, is it still a corkscrew? Yes, it is one of these. Air-pressure wine openers are just as effective as their peers; they just work differently. Instead of using mechanical power to uncork the bottle of wine, it uses natural air pressure. How do you use it? First, you insert the needle into the wine, then you pump the top side of the tool a few times and air pressure will do the rest. You do not need to worry about pulling or twisting anything. You do not need to open the bottle being afraid of breaking the cork. This bottle opener is even fun to use. In my opinion, if you love wine, then one of these is a must.

A Waiter’s Corkscrew

Reasons to Buy

  • It is a nice and simple all-in-one tool
  • Great value for the cost
  • Plenty of colours to choose from

I like the waiter’s corkscrew because it is nice and simple. You can cut the foil, and open the bottle with it; and once you are done you just place it in your pocket and go on with your life. It is the best option if you want to go camping, to relax at the beach or any other outdoors situation. Being made of strong stainless steel metal, the manufacturer states this product is guaranteed for life. All you would need to do is to choose one among the almost thirty different colours available.

Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener

Cork Pops Matte Black Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter
640 Reviews
Cork Pops Matte Black Legacy Wine Bottle Opener With 4-Blade Foil Cutter
  • - Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener is the fastest, easiest way to open a bottle of wine; Just insert needle into wine cork and push button - button will pop up with classic, satisfying sound
  • - Comes with easily replaceable cartridge that will open approximately 60 bottles of wine; features four foil cutters on base stand for easy removal
  • - Cartridge contains low-pressure inert propellant that does not affect the flavor or bouquet of any wine and has no effect on the atmosphere or ozone layer
  • - Needle guard protects user; Measures approximately 2.25 x 6.75 inches with soft to the touch matte black finish
  • - Individually fitted in protective packaging

Reasons to Buy

  • All you need to do is to insert the needle and press a button
  • The price cannot be cheaper
  • Spare cartridges are easy to get

The pops wine bottle opener is just like the air-pressure corkscrew I mentioned above, but it does not require you to pump anything. Instead, this product includes a cartridge of pressured air that will work its magic for you. All you will need to do once you buy it is to insert the needle in the cork and press the button while you raise your hand slightly. You will see how the cork comes out by itself, with a friendly pop sound. Cheers! Oh, do not worry, the pressured air will not change the aroma or the taste of your wine. The product was designed and built taking this into consideration, so you do not need to worry about that.

Automatic Wine Opener Set

Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set - Automatic Wine Bottle Opener - Electric Corkscrew Auto Wine Opener with Electronic Chargeable Base - Rechargeable Cordless Wine Opener with Pourer and Foil Cutter
1,196 Reviews
Vremi Electric Wine Opener Set - Automatic Wine Bottle Opener - Electric Corkscrew Auto Wine Opener with Electronic Chargeable Base - Rechargeable Cordless Wine Opener with Pourer and Foil Cutter
  • RECHARGEABLE WINE OPENER KIT - Electric corkscrew quickly and effortlessly removes corks from wine bottles with just a gentle push of a button. Operated with built-in rechargeable battery that allows device to open up to 30 bottles on a single charge

Reasons to Buy

  • It might be the best alternative to Oster’s wine opener, mentioned above
  • Electric, rechargeable, and it includes both a foil cutter and a wine pourer
  • Open up to thirty bottles in a row with it
  • Modern design and fair price

The main alternative for the Oster’s wine opener mentioned above would be this automatic wine opening set by Vremy. It costs slightly less than its Oster’s peer, and it includes both a foil cutter and a wine pourer. This is the way its manufacturers try to set themselves apart from its competitor. Comparisons aside, Vremy’s wine opener features a modern design and a fully rechargeable battery that lights its top LED light green when it is charged and red when it needs recharging. It is a really good electric wine opener.

Which is the Best Wine Opener for You?

As you can see, there are a variety of wine openers these days. The most classic ones are manual: you place the tool with your hands and you use your own strength to free the spirit from its prison. The most modern wine openers are almost automatic: all you need to do is to place it onto the bottle and see how the tool does the work for you in a matter of seconds. The best one for you depends on both your taste and needs.

Gentlemen would probably find it more manly to use their own hands to open their wine, so maybe they would opt for a manual wine opener. Ladies, on the other hand, would probably prefer to avoid those endeavours and just choose an electric one. Among restaurant and bar owners, options will vary according to the service they offer. In many restaurants, it is the waiter the one who uncorks the bottle, so a foldable corkscrew would probably be their best bet. In bars where a bartender sells wine cocktails, opening wine bottles fast makes a lever or electric opener almost mandatory.

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